The art of Jyotish with renowned Vedic astrologer Goutam Chatterjee.


Astrology readings are available over Skype with Shastriji, Goutam Chatterjee,
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Here is his write up on the subject and how it can enhance ones life.
With special thanks to his Guruji Dr. B.V. Raman for allowing parts of his book to be printed below.

Astrology is the most ancient of all sciences. While other branches of science like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology etc. adhere strictly on common sense, reasoning and a certain logical faculty, Astrology comprehends something higher and deep thought provoking. It is mysterious and of a very subtle nathure. It makes us search for the eternal truth, the life force, with its origin and gives us complete meaningfulness of staying on this earth with all its ups and downs. It gives us a sketch of life. It is like a mirror in which one’s life cycle is so clearly reflected. With the help of subtle astrological analysis, we can explore the immense power and capacities from our within. It needs a very sharp intellect and insight to probe deep into the study of astrological phenomenon.

Astrological predictions require a very sharp calculative and intuitive power to guide an individual to a right direction. It can cover every aspect of life, viz, health, education, career, occupation, finance, investment, marriage issues, relationships and all the things our lives can be associated with. It also throws light on all natural phenomenon, viz, rainfall, earthquake, change of seasons, epidemics, fire, accidents and lot more. Astological evaluation not only throws light to our hidden treasures but also pinpoints the drawbacks and demerits. It can give us a complete guideline to overcome odds or forthcoming danger and motivate us to stay positive and in tune with divinity. This subject helps us to manage time, it indicates good or bad times in one’s life as well as regarding mundane affairs. It gives us hints about the good or bad events yet to happen and makes us alert. This discipline is related to divinity, so it helps us to develop a belief about some supernatural, obvious force which governs and maintains the rhythm of this universe and its inhabitants .

Astrology is the science which comprises the foretelling of the regular movements of the planets, the fortune and misfortune of human beings, fates of nations, inundation, pestilences, wars, economic ups and downs of nations and many other incidents relating to terrestrial phenomenon. It is called “JYOTISHA” or the knowledge of light. JYOTI or LIGHT is the root cause of all creation. According to western interpretations, Astrology is derived from Aster- a star and Logos- reason or logic.

Astrology covers mainly three planes of human existence, viz, Physical characteristics, mental peculiarities and spiritual aspirations. No science or art is more interesting, instructive and so useful to mankind in contributing to his moral and material advancement than the sublime science of Astrology. The wonderful dictums of Astrology had been cultivated in the holy land Bharatvarsh thousands of years ago. It probes deeply into human psychology, the science of the highest esteem. The act of  Creation (Sristhi), Protection (Sthiti) and Destruction (Laya) are embedded in the womb of all powerful Time and these variations establish the very existence of a subtle and immeasurable power-house or energy flow which controls the four phases of life, viz, Origin, Growth, Decay and Doom. It teaches and preaches, Atmanang Biddhi, to know yourself.

The greatest men of the world believed in and practised astrology. Dante declared it to be ‘the highest, the nobelest and without defect.’ Kepler, Bacon, Pythagoras and Democrates were masters in astrology. The ancient Hebrews called the astrologer, Asphe meaning,”the mouth piece of the star.”It is recorded that Newton was attracted to the study of mathematics and astronomy by the contemplation of an astrological figure in heaven.

By thus knowing the future correctly, we can face the adverse period of life with the help of divine knowledge and guidelines of an astrologer, who like a Guru protects us from evils and shows the right path, Marg Darshan. The subject of astrology is like an ocean, it can embellish humanity, physically, mentally and spiritually. There is a proverb: “Fools obey planets while wise men control it.” OM SHANTI!!