Varanasi Music & Spiritual Tour 2018

Due to the success of our Varanasi Music tour in Feb 2016 we are planning another for January 2018

Varanasi Music and Spiritual Tour 21st – 28th Jan 2018

As with all traditional art forms in India, the musical heritage of Varanasi has its roots deeply embedded within the idea of self cultivation and worship to a higher power.

The musical system has evolved over the centuries, and although there have been many treatises, theories and attempts to catalogue this vast system, the true nature of music, itself being undefinable, lies within the lives of the musicians themselves. It is they who embody the tradition within them, through an unbroken thread of oral teachings passed down from Guru to disciple and it is in their natural habitat that this tour will  be presented.

Arrival is on the first day of spring which is not only auspicious but sees the beginning of many musical celebrations in Varanasi. we will have much to choose from. Due to these types of events I always refrain from giving a fixed itinerary as with all things India one has to be ready to shimmy and shift like the wind to keep up with impromptu events that cant be missed.

We will be staying at the Haifa Hotel in Assi which is a minute or so walk from Assi Ghat, on the Ganges, where they hold subah – e – banaras, an outdoor stage for daily early morning concerts after the 6am Aarti there.

I generally start by taking everyone to get appropriate attire as we will be visiting people who, although are familiar with the foreigners and their ways, will respond much better to those who are respectfully dressed and who pay attention to their cultural observances.

In this list of people will be renowned musicians living in the city, who I am close to and also a Vedic professor who I have been seeing for philosophical discussions.

We will meet them in their home where we will be able to hear their music and gain access to their traditional ways of living. The Vedic professor (and a few musicians) do not speak English but for the Vedic discussions and questions there will be myself and also the professor’s good friend who loves to take part in such discourses.

Of course there are the ghats and the holy men, and temples of high vibration which will be visited too. Some will be well known temples but there will be those off the beaten track that need a visit.

Lunch is arranged in a clean restaurant where they have always obliged my requests. They also have the best yoghurt in town with their own cattle right there next to the restaurant! Apple Pie to die for.

If you wish to come for longer I am happy to help with those arrangements. There is more of a formal blurb with full details such as arrival, costs, what’s included here.

I hope to show you a hidden side of this city, gems which hide but sparkle for those who go the extra mile to find them.

Also visit  for more information on the music of India.

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