Varanasi Music Tour 2017

Due to the success of our Varanasi Music tour in Feb we are planning another for January 2017:

Varanasi Music Tour 2nd – 8th Jan 2017

As with all traditional art forms in India, the musical heritage of Varanasi has its roots deeply embedded within the idea of self cultivation and worship to a higher power.

The musical system has evolved over the centuries, and although there have been many treatises, theories and attempts to catalogue this vast system, the true nature of music, itself being undefinable, lies within the lives of the musicians themselves. It is they who embody the tradition within them, through an unbroken thread of oral teachings passed down from Guru to disciple and it is in their natural habitat that this tour will  be presented.

You will be invited to the homes of the musicians in order to experience them in their traditional environment. There will be a total of four private musical performances, group classes to assist in music appreciation, shopping trips and temple experiences which will open new doors of perception.

For a full schedule and price quote please contact Natasha Nandini:

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